Published Writings

I’ve written a lot, but very little of it has been published. What has is listed below.

The Second Anne Frank

The first story I ever performed live is called “The Second Anne Frank.” It is coincidentally the first story I’ve had published in a literary review: “The Ampersand Review.”

Up The Blood

A flash-fiction horror story published in “Ghost Parachute: A Literary Magazine.”


Bewildered Extraterrestrials at the Los Angeles Zoo

“Bewildered Extraterrestrials at the Los Angeles Zoo” is an unreliable document of events that occurred in and around Los Angeles, California from January to September 2009. Despite the reality of most of the situations and the explicit descriptions of suicidal ideation, major depression, psychotic hallucinations, delusional thinking and general despair, there’s no reason this can’t be funny.