An Ironic, Yet Well-Researched News Release



FSB’s Attempts to Access and Alter U.S. Smartphone Data Once Again Thwarted by Rampart

Moscow, Russia — The era of easy access to cellular phone data for the purposes of misinformation and counterintelligence may be one step closer to over. Routine complaints of blockages and mounting hardships in gaining illicit access to smartphones are being reported more and more frequently from various Russian intelligence divisions, particularly from the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

One FSB officer under deep cover whom we’ll call “Vladimir” said, “Before this Rampart appeared on the scene, hacking American phones was easier than tearing down walls in Germany.” Through a veil of tears, “Vladimir” continued, “We had always been able to gain access and attack before. Every previous advance only made things easier. WIFI. Satellite. loT, PAN, etc. The door was thrown wide open every single time.”

As the wireless world expanded, network defenders faced a difficult choice between detecting and reacting to threats faster or collapsing their defenses to a core network. This was exactly the problem that Rampart was formed to solve and, by proxy, to make “Vladimir” so forlorn. Rampart addressed these problems by designing the Unitary Braid Division Multiplexing (UBDM) secure wireless modulation, the advantages of which include:

  • Designed to provide security without compromising performance
  • Not a contrived balance of signal-to-noise ratio and security: a true new-science
  • Innovation in digital communications
  • Concrete, not conjecture existing SDR and FPGA implementations, not just a whitepaper
  • No penalty to throughput, spectral efficiency, or analog performance
  • Works seamlessly with existing phy-layer protocols – DVB-S2, 802.11, 4G/5G, MU-MIMO, SC-OFDMA, etc.
  • Equalization, framing, channel-coding – all work seamlessly with UBDM, using existing MODCODs

A station chief at a not-to-be-named American agency, one dealing centrally and with intelligence, remarked positively, “We’re thrilled to see the implementation of UBDM through Rampart. We certainly knew that the FSB attacks were a big problem; we just didn’t have any great ideas about what to do.”

When pressed, this station chief said the general response to Rampart from the intelligence community was a loud, exasperated, “Phew!”

As we attempted to conclude our interview with “Vladimir” and leave the room, he could be heard shouting, “Listen! Listen! 5G causes COVID-19,” to no one in particular. Then the door closed, and there was, at long last, silence.

Rampart is now offering secure wireless communications at