Brass Tacks

I am a professional writer, which is a formal way of saying I write things others cannot for money. Motivations aside, I have a true passion (lust) for the unbridled power of the written word. Nothing is as evocate as language, not even images. You can say “I love you,” with a paper heart, or “I hate you,” with that same paper heart with a knife through it, but the trio of words on their own will always leave the biggest impact.

Throughout my career writing has always been the gateway to the next thing. I have written graphic novels, books, and screenplays for hire. I have edited every type of text from blogs about goat breeding practices to university-level nurse-practitioner coursework. If you find yourself desirous of that perfect something to express and can’t quite get there, be it an online course or a software technical manual, you’ve come to the right place.

On the creative front my short form work has appeared in “The Ampersand Review,” “Ghost Parachute: A Literary Magazine,” on “The Drunken Odyssey with John King” podcast, and at the “There Will Be Words” live reading events in Orlando, FL.

I have additionally secured options on three screenplays with production companies of varying repute. For those unaware, the word option is jargon in the filmmaking industry for “we’re not going to buy your script, but we’re going to give you just enough money to make sure you can’t sell it to anyone else so we don’t feel stupid if it’s a hit before we’ve stopped sitting on our hands.”